Travel Grant Policy

General information about the SMC Travel Grants

The SMC Society awards Travel Grants for Students and Young Professionals who are in most need and lack of financial resources to attend.
Successful Grant Recipients will receive a reimbursement ($500 of each) upon registering and presenting her/his paper at SMC 2019.

Assessment of the applications

The assessment of the applications to SMC 2019 Travel Grants and the selection of the Travel Grant Recipients will be done by a Board under the surveillance of the Vice-President for Membership and Student Activities. The Board members are selected by the Chair of Student Activities Subcommittee and Chair of Young Professional Subcommittee.
According to IEEE and SMCS policies the Board treats all applications equally.

Duties of the Grant Recipients

The Recipients have to declare that they will attend on the SMC 2019 (e.g. as a reply of the notification e-mail). In case of any changes regarding their participation (e.g. cancellation; fail to attend due to funding, visa, etc.) they have to indicate it to the Contact Persons. If one of the Recipients cannot attend on the conference, her/his Travel Grant will be assigned to the next best non-selected Applicants. The Recipients have to keep the invoices / vouchers / receipts regarding the travel (e.g. airplane voucher, gasoline receipt, bus receipt, etc.) and provide them during the reimbursement. These documents must be stored for five years after the reimbursement due to auditors of IEEE can request them from the Recipients from the Grants.

Roxanna Pakkar

Contact Person, Student Travel Grant

Gy├Ârgy Eigner

Contact Person Young Professional Travel Grant

Privacy Policy

Only those application can be accepted in which the Applicant indicated their concurrence with the applied Privacy Policy.
If this statement is missing, the given application cannot be assessed and the related application documents will be permanently deleted in order to protect sensitive personal information.

Deadline for the Application

Deadline for the Application is JULY 18, 2019.
Only fully completed applications can be accepted.

Notifications of the Applicants

Notifications start after AUGUST 18, 2019.
Due to the high number of applications the notifications of the Recipients and refused Applicants may takes a few days.

The SMC Travel Grant

The SMC Travel Grant only covers international and non-local travelling fees up to $500.
The SMC Travel Grant does not cover local (in-town) travelling expenses, registration fees, accommodation fees, or other expenses.
The way of travelling (plain, car, train, etc.) is arbitrarily selected by the Recipients.
The SMC Travel Grant is a Reimbursement type Grant. That means, each Recipients have to pay by her/his own the travelling expenses to reach to the town of the conference venue and the travelling costs can be reimbursed after the conference.

Reimbursement policy

Details will be announced later.